Thursday, July 16, 2015

A quick Thursday thanks

It's been another great week here in Benin. Here are a couple highlights:

1. I have been consistently unprepared for the late afternoon rainstorms we have been having. They don't last long but the rain is so hard that we have to stop class because we can't hear over the noise echoing off the metal roof. The roads quickly turn into muddy red rivers and the trash piles that have accumulated in the school yard float away. While that doesn't seem like something to be thankful for, I am truly indebted to the Beninese woman who lent me an umbrella to trudge home the other day. Also, the rain has been bringing cooler night temperatures, which means a better nights sleep!

2. The food here has been great and I recently discovered La Vache Qui Rie cheese. While it used to scare me as a child, it's awesome on the baguettes that you can find anywhere here. Also on the food front, we found mango jam, which is delicious.  There's also a woman who sells fresh coconuts across from school, which make the perfect lunchtime snack!

3. Not really a thankful item, but more of a note to self. After biting into maggoty guavas on two different occasions, I have completely sworn off the fruit. There's only so many maggots one can ingest and I've met my quota (don't worry I survived!)

4. I attended a fascinating Voodoo ceremony last weekend. I'm working on how to describe it to you and unfortunately I don't have any photos, but stayed tuned!

5. Tomorrow, the RCH sector is competing in our own version of Beninese "Chopped." We have no idea what our mystery ingredient will be yet but bring it on!!

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