Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Market Day!

It's been a busy couple days here in Adourékoman! 

Since it was the end of the month, Daniel and I spent the last two days checking numbers and finializing written reports for the health centers in the Dassa-Glazoué zone. Most of what needed to be done was number crunching vaccination records and ensuring that all patients were accounted for. It was interesting and between copying columns for Daniel and checking the math, there was a lot of down time. I got to visit the Heath center in Zaffe, which has electricity, running water, a lab and a maternity ward. I'll be doing vaccination clinics there every Thursday, but definitely want to spend more time there with the doctor and other staff!

I'm realizing that Peace Corps will come with a lot of down time. I have been reading a lot, which I love, and have been  learning some basic survival Idaasha with Fortune on a daily basis. 

Yesterday, Lindsay got back to post, so I was able to check out my future house and meet some of her local contacts. The house is great: two rooms, a big backyard that will be perfect for my hammock, a kitchen, latrine and shower area. There is a large cistern that I will use to store water for the dry season, but when the power is working, I will gather my water there and store it in big covered jars. 

Yesterday, Lindsay invited some of the local kids over to weed the backyard in exchange for bitter leaf and citronelle. With the land cleared, I'll not only prevent a bug infestation in the grass, but I'll be able to eventually start a garden. I brought some pumpkin, arugula, snap pea and beet seeds that I'll try to plant in September when I move in. 

Last night, Sabine invited us over for dinner; I'm realizing that someone will always have extra food they want to share with me. She is actually a great cook (she's already sent over beans for lunch) and her kids are adorable. This morning, Lindsay and I greeted them with some beignets and played catch with a little lime. 

Wednesday's here are market days. 
Each week, Amanda, Cate, moi and the other local volunteers will meet up in Glazoué for shopping and a day of out-of-village rest. There is a small restaurant in Kabole where the mama (owner) will cook any type of food we want, let us charge our electronics (!!!) and lock up our belongings when we go to market. 

Today at the market, we got to try attieke, a specialty dish from Cote D'Ivoire. The market is the third largest in Benin and people pour in from the surrounding countries (Nigeria, Togo etc.) and bring their wares to buy and sell. Here's a quick photo of Amamda and I eating in the market. Attieke is a fermented manioc mix with couscous, fried plantains and pimante. It was really yummy!!

We're sitting here hanging out at Mama's with some other volunteers before heading back to village later today. Tomorrow is a vaccination day in Zaffe so in excited for another day of work!

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