Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Body over Mind

How is it already September?! For most of my life, this time has signified a new semester, the start of swim season, the beginning of fall foliage and most importantly, apple picking. While there are none of those things this time around, this month marks the end of Peace Corps training and the transition to being a full fledged Peace Corps Volunteer!

It has been a long summer and an amazing privilege to explore Benin and become part of the PC community here. With only two weeks until swear-in, we are down to the wire with training and preparations. Unfortunately, I've been in Cotonou for a couple days recovering from the typical GI issues while acquiring some sort of respiratory problem. But alas, I've gotten to do a lot of reading, letter writing and have become well acquainted with the PC Bureau.  As some of you already know, I spent a good part of Monday taking the braids out of my hair. The curls are free and enjoying the African humidity. 

It's been a quiet couple days here and I  desperately miss my fellow RCHers in Sé. I'm looking forward to getting back to finish training this week and participating in our health center activities. 

Wishing everyone a happy September 1 and rabbit rabbit!

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