Thursday, November 12, 2015

What's Cooking: Spicy Tuna Burgers

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to eating here is ensuring that I get enough protein. While I buy eggs by the dozen, well actually 15 for about $2, there are only so many hard boiled eggs one can eat. And although my goat butchering neighbor would love to send over some fresh meat, there's only so much stomach lining I can stomach.

So, in addition to adding beans to everything, I've decided to test out some recipes using canned tuna. Tuna here is sold packaged in sunflower oil and although I'd normally be weary of ancient cans of fish, its StarKist, so there you go.

A couple weeks ago I concocted an interesting white bean tuna salad complete with onion, red wine vinegar, capers and a variety of seasonings. I questioned my own palette as I ate it, but it actually wasn't half bad. And imagine all that beany fishy protein!

Over the weekend, I took it a step farther and made tuna burgers, significantly adapted for a Peace Corps Kitchen from the recipe here:

So here's my take at a simple tuna burger.  And if you have any other easy canned tuna recipes, send them my way!

Spicy Tuna Burgers

One can tuna, mine was packed in sunflower oil but not by choice
Fresh lemon juice and pulp of one lemon
2 T flour
1 egg
1 red onion, diced
2 T Dijon mustard, plus some on the side
Siracha or Tabasco sauce or anything with a kick
Mrs. Dash or other salt free seasoning
Capers, optional
Olive oil

Drain tuna and pour into a bowl. Add egg and chopped onion. Add lemon juice and pulp (and zest if you can). Add flour, one tablespoon at a time, stirring in between. Stir in mustard and season with salt free mixture. Add hot sauce and capers as desired. Add water if necessary to achieve a thinner consistency.

Heat a skillet with a little olive oil. When hot, drop large spoonfuls of the mixture into the pan. Cook each side until golden brown.  Remove from heat, serve warm. Drizzle with Siracha and Dijon mustard!  Enjoy!

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